Web Design, Modification and Development

Web sites can vary greatly in complexity, but what never changes is your need to have a site properly represent your business or organization. To accomplish this you need to have your designer and developer listen to you and get as excited about your site as you are. Furthermore, you may need to have complex functionality like data collection, automatic emailing to customers or your personnel, easy updating that YOU CAN DO YOURSELF, and more. We can build what you want or modify an existing site to behave and look the way you want it to.
To meet your needs we offer:

  • Design and Layout
  • Graphics
  • Flash
  • Programming


So you have a business, you have a site, but you'd like to sell more or provide your customers the convenience of online payment. Maybe you're a contractor, landlord or entrepreneur, or maybe your school store would like to sell online - we can find a suitable, low cost solution for you to accomplish this.

Business Database Design

Paper books, lists, computer spreadsheets and text files are great but when your volume of data becomes too great or too complex, and you need to extract information from your mountains of data, you're going to need a database.

You can look up customer details and history instantly, print customized reports, mailing lists, email lists and more - but databases are not only for businesses. Schools and school systems, organizations that need to maintain memberships and more can all benefit from databases. There's just too much to say here - contact us.

We can integrate databases with websites for safe online access from anywhere, or create databases strictly for local office use.

Training / Education

Communication, knowledge, experience, disposition, enthusiasm, patience - combine this with a "no fluff" approach and you have the qualities of good education. Unfortunately, not enough of our experiences were like this. With over 20 years of educational experience and excellence, we'd like to change your mind and get you excited about education by delivering what most technical schools promise to do at premium prices.

We offer courses in most areas of computer technology, applications and more. Our background is in science and engineering, as well as education - we have taught grade levels from 11 to adult, including college.

You may want to consider us for:

  • After school programs
  • Adult education for groups
  • Professional development and training for your employees

Networks and Office Computing

Setting up or have an existing network? Let us evaluate your business considerations and current technology to design a solution that allows you to function efficiently.
You should consider the following:

  • Verify that your technology can accommodate the growth of your business.
  • Each user has secure access to his own files with unique accounts.
  • Is it time for an upgrade?
  • Is there a more efficient way to use your technology?

Sample Web Sites

Here are a few work samples and descriptions:
  • Elite Martial Arts Institute
    A Karate and Martial Arts school in Honesdale Pennsylvania offering classes for adults,
    youths, and youngsters who wish to reach high level black belt or merely build discipline and conditioning. Elite Martial Arts also has an after school program.
    This site is a mostly Flash site that includes javascript and a content management system allowing easy changes to bulletins, scroller and events. The photo gallery is XML based.

  • WaynePikeNews.com
    An online news site delivering geo - specific content to Wayne and Pike counties in northeastern PA. Includes a back-end management system, smart story scheduling, lost and found automatic sunset, citizen reporter feature and more.
  • Allows for news and content management approval and queing with a minimum amount of paid staff.


For all questions relating to our services, or if you think we may be able to help you, contact us at the email below: